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DI-NOC is a woodgrain, metallic or leather sheet vinyl which began to gain popularity in the 90’s. Due to its ability to stick to virtually any kind of existing surface, DI-NOC became the most often used for re-furbishing and re-covering existing areas. Recently Indy Auto Graphics provided and installed 3M Di-Noc film for a senior center which we are very proud of. 4,500 square feet of woodgrain wall covering adding the final touch of class to this plain drywall building.

By now, DI-NOC has progressed considerably and is offered around the world for numerous types of residential, commercial and institutional applications both indoors and outdoors.

What is 3M DI-NOC Vinyl?

3M DI-NOC vinyls are long lasting, cleanable, versatile PVC films that utilize modern 3M’s Comply Adhesive air release technology, for quick and easy application without any bubbles. The films have exceptional flexibility and adhesion due to which they can be used indoors or outdoors on flat or complex curved substrates, walls, furniture, fixtures, and so on. Some of the films can also be put on three-dimensional surfaces and/or thermoformed. That’s why they are excellent for both new building construction and remodeling.

Atrium Ceiling

Before Di-Noc

Atrium Ceiling

After Di-Noc

Advantages of 3M DI-NOC Architectural Films

Large Selection: Over 700 various patterns to select from providing you the utmost design creative control. Besides, there is a wide range of product categories from wood grain and concrete to leather, marble, metallic and so much more!

Quick and easy installation: With real 3M DI-NOC professionals it is easy to minimize turn-around time and get your service back on track immediately! Moreover, you don’t have to deal with a mess after installation.

Cost-effectiveness: You can save substantial amount of money by using existing substrates to re-purpose existing components, wall surfaces and furniture. With appropriate and regular cleanings, these films can stay in a tip-top condition for a long time.

Sustainability: Since DI-NOC architectural finishes are produced from polyolefin, not trees, they help to reduce the cutting down of rare woods while providing an authentic, natural look.  As an eco-friendly building product, they are installed fast, with much less probability of mistake or waste.

Hallway Before

Di-Noc Professional Installation

Hallway After

Ceiling 3M Di-Noc wood grain film

When to Use 3M Di-Noc

If you are thinking about renovation, lightweight 3M DI-NOC film is the best material. It can be applied to almost any surface pretty easily, decreasing labor and material expenses. Due to its resemblance to natural materials, you can create a whole new look without compromising on aesthetics.

For brand-new building and construction, you may prefer using wood, metal or stone. However, you can choose them for distinct areas. In the meantime, think about applying DI-NOC architectural finishes everywhere else. This way, you will minimize your expenses and time needed for installation while still keeping the aesthetic and durable appearance you desire.

Indy Auto Graphics is a commercial printer and a 3M certified graphic installer. The product line allows for exponential creativity. If you have questions or wish to see samples, please contact us and explore what these films can do!

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