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Key Branding Trends

Fall is a time to begin planning your marketing campaign for next year. How are you planning to grow your business in 2023? Here are three hot branding trends to consider:

Experiential Marketing

More than ever, consumers desire unique, memorable experiences. Even museums are jumping in. The old way was to go and look at a Van Gogh painting. Now, with dynamic video walls and floors, you can be in the painting. Emotion drives consumer choice – evoke it with creative visuals that open a rabbit hole to imagination.

Maximizing Brand Real Estate

Got milky-white walls? Transform them into promotional surfaces. A fleet of company cars? Wrap them with head-turning imagery. Your “brand real estate” is any surface you own, horizontal, vertical or otherwise. It’s all a canvas for creativity, from logos to pop art to inspirational messaging. With no major construction costs, it’s also affordable to periodically change it up. Wall, window and floor graphics are the easiest way to communicate branding.


We saw a wave of rebrands during the pandemic when many companies merged, were acquired or pivoted to a new business model. Rebranding doesn’t need to be extensive. Sometimes it can just be a refresh – a new logo or modern color scheme. And there’s no better medium than large-format imagery to announce, “Hey! Check out the new us!”

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