Fleet Graphics

Fleet graphics are graphics placed on any type of vehicle with advertising purposes or to identify them as part of a company. This visual solution puts your brand on the move and turns your company’s vehicles into moving billboards advertising your services day and night.

Branding-wise, fleet graphics are a great way to make a statement, since they’re dynamic and eye-catching. Regular cars tend to blend together visually, so a branded vehicle stands out immediately. Our skilled designers can make sure that your fleet graphics draw the viewers’ attention efficiently in just three or five seconds, so your message is delivered even when the vehicles are spotted only briefly.

24/7 Promotion

As long as your vehicles are visible somewhere, they’re doing advertising work for you. While your fleet travels around during the day, it spreads your brand’s voice and personality. Then, during the night, reflective accents can ensure that your graphics stand out even when it’s dark.

Consistency (and Strength) for your Brand

A brand is more than a logo, or a combination of colors and letters. A company should strive to strengthen its brand by expanding it with consistency. Fleet graphics are an excellent opportunity to showcase and strengthen your brand. With the aid of our experts, your ideas can be conveyed in a way that is both attractive and visually consistent across all media.

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Brand consistency is the delivery of brand messaging in line with the brand identity, values, and strategy over time. Consistency means your target audience is being exposed to core messages, visual branding, and other brand elements repeatedly, which can help to solidify brand recognition. The most obvious benefit of brand consistency is brand recognition. Every business should strive to be immediately recognizable by their target audience. Not only does it help to build a strong association between your core messages and values and the visual elements of your brand, but it also sets your brand apart from the competition – a particularly valuable perk in highly competitive, saturated markets.

Indy Auto Graphics can help you build your brand by creating a well designed, simple concept that can be applied to any platform needed. Vehicle graphics, brochures, business cards, buildings and walls need to all have consistent branding elements.

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Floor & Window Graphics

Your storefront is one of the first things visitors take in about your business. Perfecting it is therefore essential, with window graphics making an impact on established and prospective customers alike. Bare buildings won’t cut it. Your store walls, windows and doors are prime space to convey key branding messages that’ll turn heads for all the right reasons. Custom window graphics provide advantages beyond a sleeker storefront. Consider the branding implications of making your walls and windows the most visually appealing, stand-out features on the block — as well as what benefits it can lend to your bottom line.

These enhanced window graphics don’t sacrifice form for function either. Showcase important company and location information in an attention-grabbing way with on-brand colors, fonts, shading, design materials, applications and more. Present it all clearly and distinctly, highlighting the following business basics in a way visitors are more likely to remember:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Official website
  • Social media platforms and handles
  • Contact information
  • Hours of operation
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